'Overwatch' Tips, Tricks & Latest News: Winter Wonderland Presents Mei's Global Offensive; Learn How To Win Each Round

By Ceage Sotto , Updated Dec 20, 2016 08:20 AM EST

The recently launched Winter Wonderland Update for "Overwatch" introduced us to many things. It added a variety of Christmas themed content to Blizzard's popular online multiplayer shooter.

Disappointed fans claimed the Mei should have given prominent role. But instead, Blizzard opted to give her a subpar legendary skin. Both were letdowns despite the rumors of climatologist's big role in the Winter Wonderland Update.

How To Play Mei's Global Offensive

But there's a consolation for fans of hero Mei. A new event which features the climatologist hero is now available for play. Mei's Global Offensive takes place on the Ecopoint: Antarctica map. Players will all have to play Mei, the goal of the game is to win three rounds with at least one Mei character for each team.

Players will have to use Mei's snowball launcher as the major mechanic for the event. It will be replacing Mei's frost gun and will fire a single snowball. Players will have to reload their launchers in snow-piles visible in the map. A single snowball will be enough to eliminate an opponent. Players must also be cautious of Mei's new ultimate. It fires a volley of snowballs that will not be requiring reloads from snow-pile stations.

Tips And Tricks On How To Dominate Mei's Global Offensive

Check for a snowflake icon on an opponents head. A snowflake over another players head is sign that they are threats. Players that do not display the icon have not yet reloaded their launchers. Just be cautious if they are close to a reloading station.

While players are reloading, they can look around as long as their holding the reload button. Players can use the Ice Wall skill to protect themselves while taking snowball munitions.

The launcher will also fire snowballs at an arc. Players will have to aim their launcher above opponents. The snowball will follow a slow trajectory, you'll have to expect where your enemies will be heading. You'll also have use Mei's ultimate in perfect timing. Having unlimited ammo for a short period of time will be a factor in winning rounds.

Players will have to time the Ice Block skill, it's the other way to protect you from an incoming snowball. The best way to win rounds is to ambush opponents when they are reloading their ammo. Once you'll be able to master the art of ambushes, players are awarded the Ambush and Cool as Ice achievements for Mei's Global Offensive. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks for the latest "Overwatch" update.

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