Nintendo Switch Release Date, News & Update: Switch’s Speed At Different Modes Revealed; ‘Seasons Of Heaven’ Trailer Teases Device’s Impressive Graphics

By RG Ferrer , Updated Dec 20, 2016 07:59 AM EST

Nintendo has yet to unveil the Nintendo Switch's specifications, however, a recent report claimed to have uncovered the gaming device's speed when docked and undocked. Meanwhile, the recently released trailer for the Nintendo Switch exclusive "Seasons of Heaven" teased the gaming console's impressive graphics.

Avid gaming fans have been eagerly waiting for latest news about Nintendo's upcoming console. The Nintendo Switch is set to change a player's gaming experience given its hybrid design that promises to increase the portability of various games.

With options to keep the Nintendo Switch docked or undocked that will transform it into a handheld device, many fans speculated that the gaming console may run at the same speed. However, a Digital Foundry report highlighted how the Switch's undocked mode will run 40 percent slower as compared to its docked mode.

When docked, the Nintendo Switch is said to be locked at a speed of 768MHz while the handheld version of the device is at 307.2MHz. The Japanese-based gaming firm reportedly down-clocked the Switch's undocked mode so that the GPU can meet its required thermal and battery life goals, as indicated in the said report.

Other leaked Nintendo Switch specifications also revealed that the device's CPU power and memory controller will remain at the same level regardless of mode. Apart from the said specs, Nintendo's upcoming console will feature a screen with a 720p resolution and would either use Nvidia's new Pascal chip or Maxwell Tegra technology.

In other news, the Nintendo Switch's rich graphics were showcased in the recently released "Seasons of Heaven" trailer. The video teaser for the Switch exclusive title contained a look at the vast world that game character Yann and his French bulldog Ani can explore.

With the richness and depth on how images were depicted in the game, many players were impressed with the gaming title's beautiful graphics. The "Seasons of Heaven" trailer can also be a good indication of the Nintendo Switch's potential capabilities, according to VG247.

Nintendo is set to unveil more details about the Switch in January 2017, while the release date for "Seasons of Heaven" has yet to be unveiled. Watch the game's trailer below:

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