Apple Latest News & Updates: Apple Reportedly Hires Alexander Hitzinger Of Porsche To Work On ‘Project Titan’

By V Doctor , Updated Dec 20, 2016 06:34 PM EST

Alexander Hitzinger, the head of Porsche's race program was reportedly took in to work on Apple's "Project Titan" car program in the spring of 2016. The German engineer is expected to do wonders for Apple's upcoming car projects, as initially reported by Manager Magazin.

German Engineer Moves from Porsche to Apple

Reuters reported that Hitzinger initially transferred from Porsche to a technology company in San Francisco in April 2016 to work on a project that has a significant and direct impact on society. Apple has recently been collecting various automotive specialists as it boosts efforts to build its own car.

Apple may have tapped Hitzinger for his years of experience with lightweight carbon fiber manufacturing, electric power delivery and energy recovery in the motorsport business. Hitzinger is also knowledgeable in creating a fully new technologically advanced program from nothing, similar to his work at Porsche.

Apple Insider wrote that Hitzinger worked as Head of Advanced Technologies for Red Bull Technology from 2006 to 2011. In 2011, Porsche hired him to become technical director of their LMP1 program. Hitzinger and his team worked on the 919 hybrid racer, which eventually won Le Mans overall in its second and third year. Fans were actually surprised that he moved on to Apple, although the engineer apparently has more sentimental reasons for the transfer.

What Apple is Working On

Hitzinger's project in Apple has not been confirmed, although many speculate that he is focusing on Project Titan, the company's electric car program. Apple is also eyeing on making its own self-driving vehicle. Regardless of which project Hitzinger is currently working, Apple is expected to feature a product that showcases the engineer's true talents. More updates and details are expected soon. If Apple successfully comes up with its own driverless car, it may also work with their augmented reality program.

Apple's Project Titan seemed to have been struggling since September 2016. The company's top executives were allegedly disappointed with the slow progress of the project, resulting to several employees getting fired. Insiders claim that Apple is moving away from developing its own self-driving vehicle to the creation of an autonomous vehicle software and supporting hardware.

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