Apple Latest News & Updates: CEO Tim Cook Reassures Employees that Apple Desktops Will Continue to Improve

By V Doctor , Updated Dec 20, 2016 06:34 PM EST

Apple CEO Tim Cook assured employees that the firm is still keen on making great Apple desktop computers. It has been over a year since the Mac has been improved and both users and Apple workers were starting to be concerned whether the company will move on completely to portable devices.

Apple Desktops Are Here to Stay

TechCrunch revealed that many Apple users and employees thought the company may no longer be interested in maintaining Apple desktops due to the high demand for portable products. Tim Cook posted on an employee message board that the company is still focused on improving Apple desktops in the years to come. The CEO acknowledged that he knew about the rumors and wanted to clarify with the existing teams in apple that they currently have great Apple desktops in their roadmaps, and no one should worry about their future.

MacRumors stated that Apple desktop computers have several advantages over the MacBook, such as more powerful performance, larger and better screens, higher memory and storage, and more variety in I/O (ha). Cook mentioned that Apple desktops will remain important and critical to many people, which is why they will continue to develop these.

Apple Desktops: The Result of Culture and People

In his message, Tim Cook stated that Apple's biggest differentiator is their culture and people. They are the foundation where everything else originates. He wrote that Apple would not have Apple desktops, intellectual property, inventions or features without the great people and environment that they currently have. He continued that the current culture includes boldness and the attitude to constantly change the world, which serves as fuel to improve.

Tim Cook added that from a strategic point of view, Apple focuses on things that let software, hardware and services gather to bring out the "magic." It is their secret in producing the excellent quality products that Apple is known for.

He admires how Apple employees get excited and curious about their own products. He cited how their focus and involvement led to the development of ResearchKit and CareKit. They currently have several more in their roadmap, which he expects will result to more great projects and improved Apple desktops as their workers maintain their passion for the industry.

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