Playstation Plus March 2014 Update: Free Dead Nation PS4, Tomb Raider, Lone Survivor, Unit 13, Monster Hunter

By Alex Riviello , Updated Feb 27, 2014 11:44 AM EST

Sony has just announced next month's Playstation Plus Instant Game Collection titles and as usual, it's a doozy. March 2014 will see PS Plus members getting all kinds of incredible games for free- Tomb Raider, Lone Survivor, Unit 13, Monsters Hunter... and most importantly, Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition for PS4.

Here's more details on the games for each system.


Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition - just announced yesterday, this is the PS4 follow-up to the acclaimed dual-stick zombie shooter. There's a Vita version on the way as well but this being offered up for free is a tremendous boon for PS4 owners.


Thomas Was Alone - This is such a unique game. It's a tricky puzzle game at heart where you move a rectangle (or two) around an environment but what makes it spectacular is the voiceover by Danny Wallace, who turns this simple game into an epic story of a rectangle's quest for meaning.

Tomb Raider - Need we say more about this? It's one of the most acclaimed titles from last year and while this isn't the definitive edition that the PS4 got, it's still incredible. And now it will be free for every PS Plus subscriber. 

Lone Survivor - I personally just bought this a couple of weeks ago but don't regret jumping the gun one bit, even though I already own the PC version. This PSN/Vita edition is the Director's Cut and includes features not shown in the original. It's absurd how scary this game is, especially if you see the pixely graphics- but it is. You'll find out for yourself. This game offers Cross-buy and Cross-play so you can play it on your PS3 or Vita as you please.


Unit 13 - This acclaimed action title was the last from developer Zipper Interactive and offered 2-player co-op action, using both analog sticks as every shooter should. After Call of Duty's dismal Vita entry this is the game that people flocked to.

Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite - Monster Hunter fanatics (and there are a LOT of them out there) likely own this already, but for everyone else this would be a great step into the franchise. It's the biggest title in the series to date and apparently offers up 500 hours of gameplay. You can team up with three other plays and play online, using over 1400 weapons to hunt down tons of monsters.

After February's incredible selection of games I don't know how you could possibly own a Playstation system and not find it worthwhile to subscribe to PS Plus. It's compounded with the more systems you own! It seems like Sony is sticking to its apparent plan to release one free PS4 title a month, giving you an impressive collection for the system right off the bat. Your play, Games with Gold.

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