Oculus Rift Release Date, News & Update: Top, Most Affordable Games To Play; Easier To Setup Than HTC Vive, How?

By Henry Abragan , Updated Dec 20, 2016 10:50 PM EST

Oculus Rift Games players have already noted their top picks which reportedly include the more affordable "Minecraft" and the expensive "Dirt Rally". The headgear has reportedly been noted for its capability and potential to run the VR games smoothly. Moreover, Oculus Rift Games users have also spilled the beans on how to properly set-up the VR headset before playing the hit games.

Oculus Rift Games Like "Minecraft" Costs $9.99

While "Super Mario Run" for iOS devices receive criticism for coming with a $9.99 price tag, Oculus Rift Games that come with the price have reportedly been considered cheap. Apparently, several games like "Chronos" already cost $40 while "Dirt Rally" and the "Eve Valkyrie" both cost $60, according to report. In between them is "The Climb" at $49.

The top Oculus Rift Games include the puzzle third-person role playing game "Chronos" that reportedly boast unique elements like losing a whole year of life for the hero when brought back from the dead. On the other hand "Minecraft" may already have its popularity on PC and home consoles but the VR headset has reportedly been noted to include all features within a 360 degree space for a more immersive game. Additionally, "Eve: Valkyrie" has been noted as the most hyped game among other Oculus Rift Games.  

How To Set-Up The VR Headset To Play Oculus Rift Games

In other news, note that the headgear used to play Oculus Rift Games reportedly costs £549 in the UK, PC Advisor UK reported. The overall process of setting up the Oculus Rift has been noted as easier than the HTC Vive. Gaming experts have noted that a specific area may need to be allocated for the VR system alone.

Oculus Rift Games may only be played after completing the setup, which will commence from downloading the software on the Oculus website. The setup is to confirm the hardware requirements then notify the user to plug in the HDMI and two USB cables. Furthermore, when setting up the USB 3.0 sensor, note that there needs to be 3ft between the gamer and the sensor. Finally, hook up the Oculus Remote controllers. Watch Upcoming Oculus Rift Games here:

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