‘The Walking Dead: A New Frontier’ Episode 1 Comprehensive Review

By Kristine Garcia , Updated Jan 07, 2017 05:14 AM EST

The first season of Telltale’s “The Walking Dead” was a smashing success, praised by both fans and critics. Now the newest part of the series is coming out and it brings a lot of questions and expectations with it.

A short summary on Telltale’s official site shows that the main character’s name is Javier. You will become part of his search for his long lost family, as he meets a young girl, who has had her own share of troubles to deal with since the dead have arisen. This girl is no one else, but Season 1’s protagonist Clementine and together you will have to face the world and its tough choices as everything you do will carry its consequences into the world.

IGN has made a full review of the second episode of “The Walking Dead: A New Frontier”. According to them, the value of choice has never been higher than as seen in the latest season of the game. Many of the objects that you pick up will have an effect on the future of your characters. The choices in you dialogues will have immediate response and also an effect in the future development of both your characters and events. What disappointed the author was that even though they managed to polish the choice system, the events in the episode seem quite familiar from previous episodes and seasons. The repetition of events and problems can sure tense out the players who expect new thrills.

New Game Network reports that a special “Season Pass” disc will be made available for console players. The disc will be on sale from February and will feature all the released episodes of “The Walking Dead: A New Fortier” together with access to the newest episodes which will be released later on in 2017.

“The Walking Dead: A New Frontier” Episodes 1-2 were released on 20 December, for PC, PS 4 And XBOX One.

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