'One Punch Man' Season 2 News, Spoilers & Update: Tank Top Master; Physically Strongest Hero

Dec 23, 2016 09:57 AM EST | By Jerome

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  • Tank Top Master is the S-Class Rank 15 hero in "One Punch Man".
    (Photo: 1raguanto8/Youtube)

Tank Top Master is a S-Class Rank 15 hero in "One Punch Man". He is very tall and muscular and the leader of the Tank Topper Army. He is considered as the physically strongest men on the planet on "One Punch Man".

Tank Top Master has a chivalrous nature, unlike his brothers who are arrogant, confident and stubborn in "One Punch Man". As he can accept defeat, and he don't want little girl or Tatsumaki to handle dangerous enemies even though Tatsumaki is an adult. Tank Top Master has a honor and pride that has a great affinity for his brothers and other heroes.

Being an S-Class hero, he was one of the strongest hero in "One Punch Man". Tank Top Master possesses a great physical ability. During the Dark Matter Thieves arc, He can be seen grabbing, lifting and throwing a big concrete block that is many time bigger than him at a great distance towards the Dark Matter Thieves Aircraft with only one hand. He was also able to shake the ground with just on punch causing an enemy to be dizzied.

Tank Top Master has an enhance speed as he was fast enough to catch Garou by surprise in their fight. He was able to hit Garou with a speed that shocked Garou. Tank Top Master also has an enhanced durability as he was able to stay up after taking hits from Garou in "One Punch Man".

Tank Top Master also mastered the versatility of the Tank Top in "One Punch Man", which increases his attacks. Tank Top Master fights that consist of punches and wrestling moves.

The battle between Tank Top Master and Garou will be inevitable. At first Tank Top Master has the upper hand, until Garou uses the Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist that has been taught by his previous master Bang or Silver Fang. Tank Top Master would be the first S-Class hero to be defeated by Garou in "One Punch Man".


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