“Friday The 13th: The Game’: Characters, Counselors Of Camp Crystal Lake Can Defeat & Eliminate Slayer Jason Voorhees

By Danny Smith , Updated Jan 02, 2017 11:23 PM EST

"Friday the 13th; The Game" hype continue to increase as game creators officially confirm release of the game's beta version. The introduction of Crystal Lake's New Counselors made quite a stir among game players a few months back. Fans are currently wondering if any of the new counselor characters can finally kill and eliminate the game's mainstay slasher Jason Voorhees.

A hands-on preview of the multiplayer "Friday the 13th" beta version has been made available so that players can test their skills as well as their luck in the latest iteration of the famous game. Avid players are putting extra effort towards exploring every feature of the new beta version. And it seems like one of the game's top secret has been uncovered.

According to Gamespot, players of the game's beta version have discovered that it is possible to defeat and kill Jason Voorhees. Sources report that this can be possible by playing as one of the camp counselor characters of the survival-horror game.

A solid "Friday the 13th; The Game" player would agree that Jason is really hard to defeat. However according to Reddit, with several consistent attempts, the slayers death is possible and each player would be making a great progress.

Other players has also made a list of all the possible attempts that might take Jason down and has kept fellow "Friday the 13th; The Game" updated with his advancements via Reddit. Sources now report that the player has recently received an e-mail from an anonymous developer who confirmed his theory that Jason can indeed be killed.

But up to date, despite the many attempts, Jason Voorhees remains undefeated. Players noted that Tommy Jarvis, the first protagonist who took down the slayer in the movies could not defeat him in "Friday the 13th; The Game". Gun Media and Illfonic developers have been totally silent hence, it is up to the players to uncover the truth.

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