Overwatch Winter Wonderland Christmas Event Ended Jan. 2, Lunar New Year Skins Coming Up

By Ben Lindon , Updated Jan 03, 2017 08:37 PM EST

Overwatch players got in-game sprays and a new player icon modelled after Lord of Terror for the Overwatch Winter Wonderland Christmas events. More in-game bonuses came to Overwatch even after the Holiday event ended on Jan. 2, 2017. Blizzard Entertainment, on the other hand, is expected to celebrate the Lunar New Year with new skins as well.

Blizzard Diablo Anniversary Bonuses Coming To An End

The 20th Anniversary of Blizzard Diablo released in-game bonuses for games like "Diablo III" and "Overwatch." Additionally, "Heroes of the Storm" players got a new Diablo-themed portrait as well as the new brawl map. Starcraft II players were not left behind as they got a Diablo-themed worker portrait, PC Gamer reported.

For the Overwatch Winter Wonderland, the event featured a selection of new skins as well as a new game mode. Note that all in-game Loot Boxes were replaced with the Winter Loot Boxes for the event complete with over 100 new cosmetic items. The whole 2016 Winter Wonderland collection also included victory poses, emotes and highlight intros.

Note that the Overwatch WInter Loot Boxes may also be purchased if not earned, while the contents of the holiday Loot Boxes are said to be random. It is expected that the bonus items will remain with the players even after the end of the holiday event.

Overwatch Skins For Lunar New Year Changes Symmetra

In other news, the Overwatch developers have revealed new skins coming to the game on Jan. 28, 2017. It has been revealed that Symmetra's Photon Projectors may be replaced with stylized dragon's heads. In addition, Firecracker Junkrat are slated to come to the game as well, Gaming Bolt reported.

The Overwatch Lunar New Year Skins will reportedly add the Dragon Dancer Genji, too. A white and gold feather trimmings for the Year of the Chicken Mercy can also be expected. Note that her attacks would painfully peck at people, but she may have the tendency to run headless if chased by a predator.  Sexy Mercy, on the other hand, may be more comedic as well.

Watch about the Overwatch Chinese New Year Event here:


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