Confirmed! ‘Persona 5’ Remains PlayStation Exclusive, According To Atlus

By Ben Lindon , Updated Jan 06, 2017 08:20 PM EST

"Persona 5", which is the new addition to the growing catalog of Atlus, has been rumored to end up in a different platform that is definitely not a PlayStation. But the recent announcement from the studio has debunked this.

"Persona 5" Will Stay In PlayStation Ecosystem

According to Atlus' PR manager, "Persona 5" will still be in the PlayStation ecosystem. But the confirmation does not mean that "Persona 5" will unlikely be seen on other platforms in the future. Gaming experts believe that it merely implies that the game is not shifting to Xbox One, Nintendo Switch or the PC soon, or until there is a new content available.

Meantime, it should be noted that Atlus released three new trailers for the upcoming JRPG "Persona 5" before Christmas. Now, the game studio reportedly addressed the current rumors regarding the Nintendo Switch and PC ports of "Persona 5," which is said to be a PlayStation exclusive.

"Persona 5" was also reportedly touted as a console exclusive through the new promotional video published by Sony before the holidays. Reports suggest that the language normally accompanies games that will be released on the PC and a console, which Hardin reveals as not the same for the upcoming "Persona 5." Nevertheless, the game will remain PlayStation exclusive for now, regardless of the language used by Sony, and will be set to launch in April 4, Gamespot reported.

"Persona 5" Art Box Started Rumors

The "Persona 5" art box is believed to be the reason for the platform switch rumors. According to reports, a photo of "Persona 5's" art box that has an "Exclusive" marking on top had caused everyone to speculate, mostly due to the fact that Sony has been known to use the tag when a game is available other platforms.

However, reports suggest that the reason behind the label was the fact that "Persona 5" is also coming to PS3. The said information was reportedly announced during "Persona 5's" original launch, which was more than a year ago, according to Game Revolution.

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