'Resident Evil 3' Specs & Features: Nemesis Too Brutal; PS4 & PlayStation One Users Not Affected

By Elena Stevens , Updated Jan 08, 2017 09:22 PM EST

"Resident Evil 3" and its Nemesis DLC is considered as one of the best horror game in the console Playstation or Playstation one. "Resident Evil 3" Nemesis has been developed by Capcom and the game was released last 1999.

"Resident Evil 3" is presumed to be remake and remodeled for the latest consoles. There are reports that the president of Capcom said that Japanese giants are looking to remake a lot of classic games. These are the games that had a large fan-bases in the past and that are powerful assets.

Players of "Resident Evil 3" controls the character name Jill Valentine. Jill Valentine is former Special Tactics and Rescue Service members that will attempt to escape Racoon city after an outbreak of T-Virus. The T-Virus has infected a lot of people that transformed people into Zombies.

If "Resident Evil 3" Nemesis will be included in the remake, then there will be a lot of fans that will play this game. What makes the game scary is because of the Nemesis creature that keeps coming back even after being killed. The Nemesis creature will keep appearing in different areas randomly that will give players jump-scares.

The Nemesis creatures or known as the pursuer was an experimental form of intelligent Tyrant created by the umbrella corporations in "Resident Evil 3." Also, Nemesis creatures' purpose was to prove that a T-Virus infected creature will retain most of its intelligence. Another purpose of the Nemesis creature is useful as an alternative to military forces.

The Nemesis Creature will keep on hunting Jill Valentine in "Resident Evil 3." Players should be ready wherever they go as the Nemesis creature will keep on appearing and will continue to hunt down players. If the game will be released, then the new generations will feel what the 90's generations felt. Stay tuned for more Gamenguide update.

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