The Ultimate Secrets Why Pokemon GO Is Successful Revealed By Company Exec; Niantic Confirms 7 Baby Pokemons

By Ben Lindon , Updated Jan 06, 2017 08:44 PM EST

Pokemon GO reportedly gained success since its launch last year due to nostalgia and emotional connection to its players. The Pokemon Company Executive reportedly offered his two cents on the success of Pokemon GO. In the meantime, Niantic also updated the Pokemon GO app with new baby Pokemon.

Four Reasons Why Pokemon GO Launch Was A Success

The Pokemon Company President and CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara reportedly revealed why Pokemon GO became a hit in the market. The Poke-President reportedly flashbacked to the Pokemon boom from 1998-2000 as the key period for securing the emotional connection between Pokemon GO players and the app. Ishihara further revealed that the game's widespread popularity was also due to Social Media promotions.

Pokemon GO reportedly benefited from the phenomenon called Pokedemic. Ishihara reportedly noted that the first week of Pokemon GO may be compared to the Pokemon Boom in terms of significance. In addition, the company president also credited unicorns for the game's success.

Lastly, Ishihara also praised advances in Information Technology like the rise of location-based services that offered Niantic a platform to expand. Note that Pokemon GO spawned a service of drivers for Pokemon GO players as well, Gamerant reported. It is expected that new Pokemon and trading features would help the game survive in the long term.

Niantic Adds Two New Baby Pokemon in Pokemon GO

In other news, Pokemon GO reportedly gets a total of 7 baby Pokemon this year. Niantic first announced the launching of baby Pokemon in the game app in the previous month. The whole baby Pokemon lineup reportedly features baby Electabuzz (Elekid), baby Magmar (Magby), baby Pikachu (Pichu) and baby Clefairy (Cleffa).

Pokemon GO also reportedly began to include Igglypuff as the baby Jigglypuff, Smoochum as the baby Jynx and Togepi as the baby Togetic. The PokeDex reportedly notes proof of their existence. In addition, the evolution chain for the aforementioned Pokemon have reportedly been updated to include the babies, CNet reported.

Watch the 7 Baby Pokemon Caught here:


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