‘Digimon’ Celebrates 20th Anniversary With Upgraded Digivice

By Kristine Garcia , Updated Jan 09, 2017 04:37 AM EST

Back in 1997 Namco Bandai released the famed “Digital Monsters”, a tamagotchi like experience which allowed players to raise, evolve and battle digimons. Twenty years later, Namco Bandai have not forgotten about their legacy title and have released special goodies for the 20th anniversary of their digital pets.

The special Digital Monsters 20th anniversary has not forgotten its roots. IDigitalTimes shares that the digivices released for this special occasion will resemble the original ones released back in 1997. Small body, three buttons and the familiar “Original Brown” and “Original Grey” colors in which the original digivices were released. Each version of the device will have its special digimon added to it. The brown device will have Agumon added in its roster of possible choices, while the grey one will have Gabumon as a special feature.

The full choice of possible “Digital Monsters” that a player can choose from has been shared by Silicon Era. According to them, the devices will feature digimons from the first five versions. This means that players will be able to grow their personal MetalGreymon, SkullGreymon, Andromon, Megadramon, and MetalTyrannomon. The 10th anniversary special digimon Dracomon also is among the possible choices, paired with the 15th anniversary special Hackmon. The 20th anniversary special release will also get its own digimon named Zubamon. Limited to the brown version is Agumon and limited to the grey version is Gabumon. Both the limited characters can be evolved to their Ultimate stages and can also be fused in Omnimon.

Game Rant shares that the evolution of digimon will happen when certain conditions are met.
To make things easier on the players, time has been sped up on the new device, so what took one hour on the original will take six times less, or 10 minutes to happen. Other special additions are a single player battle mode, which will help to both train and evolve. Player will be able to connect and make battles with each other. The best part is that two digimon can be raised at the same time, where it was limited to one in the original version. For now, the device is available only in Japan, with no released dates for other regions.

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