'Heroes Of The Storm' Spotlight Trailer Shows Off New Hero Zul'jin Is Assassin; Different Abilities Revealed!

By Ben Lindon , Updated Jan 10, 2017 09:04 AM EST

"Heroes of the Storm" will include Zul'jin of "World of Warcraft" as a new character. To show off the new addition to the roster of the game, Blizzard releases a new trailer video.

Spotlight Trailer Of "Heroes of the Storm" Shows off Zul'jin's Abilities

The characters in "Heroes of the Storm" has grown to more than 60. This includes the latest addition named Zul'jin, which is based in the different universes of the game franchises from the "World of Warcraft" and the "Warcraft 2" before that.

"Heroes of the Storm" Spotlight trailer shows off the abilities of Zul'jin, revealing that the new hero is an assassin, like most of the heroes. Zul'jin's abilities as a ranged assassin are reportedly centered around his troll and axe throwing abilities, with some coming from "World of Warcraft."

The new hero Zul'jin costs 15,000 coins in the "Heroes of the Storm" in-game currency, Game Rant reported. Aside from this, Blizzard is also reported to release a regular launch bundle for the new character. Along with Zul'jin, the bundle comes with the character's Emberlord Zul'jin skin as well as the Amani War Bear mount, which is priced at $30 but will be discounted to $22.49.

"Heroes of the Storm" New Character Zul'jin Was a Troll In "Warcraft 2"

"Heroes of the Storm's" new hero Zul'jin was a troll chieftain in the strategy game "Warcraft 2." This makes him among the older characters to be featured in "Heroes of the Storm," although the majority of the game's other "Warcraft" characters originated from "World of Warcraft" or "Warcraft 3," Venture Beat reported. In addition, Zul'jin has also appeared in the second expansion of the "World of Warcraft" titled "The Burning Crusade," as the ultimate boss in the Zul'Aman raid.

Watch Heroes of the Storm - Official Zul'jin Spotlight Trailer


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