For Honor: Ubisoft To Launch Game In February; New Heroes, Shokugi, Warlord & Peacekeeper Revealed! More Details Here

By Paige McClure , Updated Jan 11, 2017 08:57 AM EST

Ubisoft's "For Honor" will soon be released in February, and a pre-order arrangement is now available for gamers who are looking for exciting combat encounter. The new video released by Ubisoft revealed three new heroes that would set the game with new fighting styles.

To make the game more action-packed, Ubisoft also added a new game mode, which drives players to work together as a team for revival. Furthermore, the new game mode, Elimination, which is an added mode aside from Dominion, Skirmish, is a new tactical battleground without respawn.

According to GameSpot, "For Honor" aims to build team trust and confidence to capture three territories. Members of the team must work together, and defend members who are attacked by other teams in the capture zone. The game offers a capture point in each territory, in which opposing teams are also trying to make a stand. The team has to ward off enemies by fighting together, and having communication at all times. The game is a fight to maintain the honor of the team, and not of the player.

The gamer can choose his own character, and is joined by three others to take down opposing teams in the capture zone area. The Revenge Mode is an interesting tactic to be used by the gamer, in which enemies can't do anything to harm the player.

The For "Honor" heroes introduced will provide players with special fighting strategies to defeat enemies. First is the Shoguki, the Samurai, a heavy hitter, and has a higher health pool than other players. Second is the Peacekeeper, the Knight who uses a dagger to stab enemies, which take away a high amount of health level. Third is the Warlord, a Viking who is used as a strong defense. Warlord's weapons include a shield and a short sword.

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