Overwatch: Sombra, Roadhog, Nerfs, Oasis Map & Everything In Between

By Ben Lindon , Updated Jan 13, 2017 05:33 PM EST

"Overwatch" reportedly rolled out an update with buffs to "Overwatch" Sombra and nerfs to other characters. The update reportedly includes fixes to the Oasis map as well. However, "Overwatch" fans have allegedly noted that the nerfs on D.Va and Roadhog may be countereffective.

"Overwatch" Sombra

Blizzard is believed to be working on another update to "Overwatch" as testing has reportedly started.Note that the Public Test Region is currently testing the next "Overwatch" update. Furthermore, the changes in the works are expected to arrive on all versions of the game soon,

It is said that Ana has been nerfed in the "Overwatch" update. Blizzard reportedly reduced her Biotic Grenade's healing boost by half. Apparently, Ana's current state of healing is said to be too effective. In addition, Roadhog may no longer be able to hook his enemies through walls in the next "Overwatch" update.

It has further been revealed that D.Va may also be nerfed on both the offense and defense sides. The "Overwatch" developers have reportedly reduced her buller damage from 3 to 2 and her 400 armor has also  been diminished to 200. Note that D.Va may also have her health and rate of fire increased.

In addition, Sombra's hack has been changed to take 0.8 seconds instead of a full second, Gamespot reported. The "Overwatch" developers are reportedly working on the glitches discovered in the Oasis map. The game map has been noted with minor issues like breakable objects resisting to melee attacks, among others.

"Overwatch" Fans Complain About Latest Nerfs

In other news, a short clip featuring Roadhog's nerfed hook reportedly went live on Reddit revealing an allegedly weaker and unreliable hook. The clip reportedly stands at the top of the subreddit with over 20,000 upvotes and 4,000 comments. It is believed that the new hook may get Roadhog killed, Attack Of The Fan Boy reported.

The "Overwatch" fans reportedly noted that D.Va's mech now quickly gets destroyed with less armor. On that note, the "Overwatch" Director Jeff Kaplan noted that only 0.26 percent of the "Overwatch" players tested the changes on the PTR with an average play time of only 26 minutes. Note that the changes to the heroes may still be subject to change.

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