Xbox One Controller Released Two New Shades

By Beverly V. , Updated Jan 11, 2017 08:55 AM EST

Xbox One controller gets two new shades, Microsoft said. The first new controller is basically called Red. The second is called Green/Orange. 

Gamerevolution says, Red shade has a two-tone complete and it is the same as the Gears of War 4 Crimson Omen controller, just without the game motivated outlines.It highlights a matte complete, yet a chosen few sections, including the triggers and guards, are lustrous or shiny. In the US, it will be accessible only from the Microsoft Store and GameStop at the standard $65 cost. GameStop records a more exact release date of January 17.

 While Green/Orange shade, is most like the current Xbox One Limited Edition Halo 5 Master Chief controller. Yet, it's two-toned design showing various designs of green with a bit of orange complement.Once more, it's estimated at $65 and is selective to two retailers in the US: the Microsoft Store and Walmart. It releases on January 24, with an overall release date going ahead January 31.

Microsoft has been extremely dynamic with regards to Xbox One controller shades and outlines or designs. Yet, you can right now buy the controller in more than 10 shades, such as the Dawn Shadow Special Edition, all white, immaculate dark and more. Clearly, there's a lot of space for additional, as Microsoft has quite recently released the following 2 new shades of Xbox One controllers to join the beautiful collection.

Slashgear says both controllers have the Blue, Yellow, Green, Red shades of the first Xbox controller printed between the XYAB catches. If at any time the game demands you to tap the red catch and you'd be generally distracted by what it was about.

These two controllers are the most up to date cycle of the that appeared the previous summer close by the Xbox One S. They highlight a finished grasp and Bluetooth bolster for use with gadgets other than your Xbox One.

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