‘Skyrim’ Special Edition Update 1.05 On PS4, Update On PC Users

By Kristine Garcia , Updated Jan 12, 2017 08:52 AM EST

“Skyrim: Special Edition” was a nice surprise for players, who wanted to try the RPG on their new consoles or check out the graphical improvements on the PC. Bethesda is still issuing patches to further improve the experience and here are the notes on the latest patch 1.3.

Game Rant has released a short summary of the newest additions to the game. First among them is the optimization of the game for 144hz monitors. This should improve the stability of the images and stop tearing issues previously experienced. There has also been added an overall improvement to the game’s optimization and performance. Users of all version should experience better performance and higher framerates.

The problem which some users had with accessing Bethesda.net has been addressed and presumably fixed in this latest patch. The last note reveals that the Slow Time spell will no longer cause any problems and all objects in the vicinity should act according to its effect.

The “Skyrim: Special Edition” Steam community does not feel as ecstatic about the new update as they should be. There are still crash reports, black screens and even players are complaining from inability to run the game after patching. Other complaints include that the sound and combat bugs are still present. Worst parts are the complaints that players can still not enter the Bethesda network even after patch.

For those who want to try out the new patch on their PS 4, there are some good news. Playstation Lifestyle has released a short list of the most notable among the 1,600 “Skyrim: Special Edition” mods available on the PS 4. “Bridges of Skyrim” is the first mod, which changes the typical stone bridges of the game with designs in accord with the local community. Now the bridges will be typical to the zone in which they are, adding more into the immersive element of the game.

“Alidon’s Ultimate Armory” is another interesting addition to the game. It gives the player access to a custom armory with hundreds of unique spells, weapons, armors and powerful followers to choose from. “Skyrim: Special Edition” is available on PC, XBOX One and PS 4.

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