‘Gravity Rush 2’ What We Know So Far

By Lilibeth C , Updated Jan 12, 2017 09:14 AM EST

"Gravity Rush 2" challenges picks when Kat, the mysterious woman has been separated from her best friend Raven and her magical cat Dusty wherein she gets a source of her gravitational power. Kat had to live a life on her own being a normal person.

Before all that, Kat has been fallen from the sky. Kotaku  described her as a mysterious woman as she has the ability to manipulate the gravity. She is able to stand on walls, fall up, down and sidewards through pressing a button. Kat also loves eating junk foods.

Kat found herself floating in the city of Heksiville with lost memory lost. This will be a great challenge to the gamers on how they could get over the challenges without her power. Kat's best friend Raven has been with her before they got separated wherein they both contributed with each other's power in order to maintain peace in the city.

Gamespot also reported that Kat has experienced a mysterious gravity storm together with her detective friend Syd.  This is also the time she lost Dusty. "Gravity Rush 2" gamers will also help her locate Dusty through navigating a slave-like existence at the camp. Gamers will be expecting to face new cast and villains wherein Kat and Syd had to go through.

The game also tells about a divided society of the rich and the poor, wherein they have been separated with locations.  The rich are living on the clouds and the poor are living below. The 40 side missions on "Gravity Rush 2" gives the gamers the choices to choose missions they want.

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