‘Final Fantasy XIV’ 3.5 Patch Trailer Out, Release Date Announced

By Ben Lindon , Updated Jan 18, 2017 08:05 PM EST

The "Final Fantasy XIV" is expecting a new patch that was recently revealed in a trailer. "Final Fantasy XIV" players are expected to take on the the last of the Warring Triad--the Demon Zurvan himself in the game. Furthermore, Square Enix also revealed that the Patch 3.5 would be rolling out on gaming platforms on Jan. 17, 2017.

New Beast Tribe Quests Coming To The Game

It has been revealed in the 3.5 Patch trailer that side story quest, new Beast Tribe Quests and a new gear is slated to come to "Final Fantasy XIV." Players may also get a glimpse of the next entry into the Warring Triad series of boss fights, Siliconera reported. Furthermore, players are expected to take on Zurvan in the Containment Bay Z1T9.

The "Final Fantasy XIV" Patch 3.5 is also expected to include a new Feast map along with two new dungeons to be called Baelsar's Wall and Sohm Al (Hard). Additionally, 24-person raids will be added to Mhachi along with Dun Scaith. Finally, the trailer caps with a brief portion of the patch's main scenario. It is expected that the patch would be playable on all platforms namely PC, PS3 and PS4.

Far Edge Of Fate To Be Released In Two Parts

In other news, it has been revealed that only the first part of Patch 3.5 may be released on January 17. Apparently, "Final Fantasy XIV" players may not get to see the second half of the patch until March of this year. In the meantime, the first-ever trailer also revealed changes to the game, The Country Caller reported.

"Final Fantasy XIV" may be added a new story content along with all-new dungeons. In addition, new gear would reportedly be given to the protagonist. Moreover, new hairstyles and new gear may also be expected. The Diadem and the TM along with Egi Glamours and Housing were reportedly revealed as well.

Watch the Far Edge of Fate trailer here:

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