Mass Effect: Andromeda On Project Scorpio Refined Version

By Beverly V. , Updated Jan 17, 2017 11:43 PM EST

As of now, it appears that Mass Effect Andromeda will again launch on Microsoft's console and in the meantime on Sony's PS4 Pro. Mac Walters recommended a possible version of the game as part of Project Scorpio. Two months ago, Walters who is the Creative Director of Mass Effect: Andromeda, has made a disclosure that the frame rate of the PS4 Pro version of the game is undecided yet.

In relation with this, Bioware quickly made an affirmation that the game will be accessible in the system in spite of the fact that they are not yet certain about its hardware specs. Walter has said in a meeting with Official Xbox Magazine that it is not yet definite if Microsoft's up and coming console will really highlight the game since Mass Effect: Andromeda's launch date is still two months away and Project Scorpio won't be released until Holiday of 2017, as announced by Game Rant. In spite of this circumstance, Walters has made an affirmation that it is something that they are certainly considering and contemplating.

As he takes a look at the title's Spring release date, he has not made an affirmation about the sort of bolster that they can give since that time. But, he specified about their solid service plan for Mass Effect that they will proceed even after their release date. He said that they are really searching for potential possibilities of a Game of the Year Edition, a future release, or a comparable kind. Around two weeks earlier, Michael Gamble, Mass Effect: Andromeda producer made a disclosure about their absence of plans to make change for the Project Scorpio rendition of the game.

This could imply that a probability of an improved rendition for the Microsoft-updated console is not going to happen. In spite of this, the game's creative director is still positive that Andromeda could even now have a more refined adaptation or version for the Project Scorpio.

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