‘Pokemon Sun And Moon’ Guide: How To Evolve Alola Pokemon; Global Missions Too Tricky, Players Say

By Ben Lindon , Updated Jan 20, 2017 10:37 PM EST

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" will bring a new type of Pokemon called Alola, which is an old school Pokemon, but with a new type and look. The new Alola Pokemon can be evolved into several forms in the game.

How Do Alola Pokemons Evolve In "Pokemon Sun and Moon"

The Alola Raticate can be evolved in "Pokemon Sun and Moon" by leveling up to level 20, while Alola Ninetales will need an Ice Stone, since the Pokemon is an Ice and Fairy type. On the other hand, Aloa Persian is evolved based on their happiness. To evolve Alola Meowth into an Alola Persian in "Pokemon Sun and Moon," the player is required to increase the happiness of the Meowth.

In "Pokemon Sun and Moon," evolving Alola Geodude into an Alola Graveler will require the player to level the Alola Geodude to level 25. Following this, the Pokemon should be traded to a friend in order to evolve the Pokemon into an Alola Golem. The friend will then trade the Pokemon back to the player.

The "Pokemon Sun and Moon" player's Alola Sandshrew can be evolved into an Alola Sandslash by using an Ice Stone, to cause the Pokemon to evolve. On the other hand, Alola Muk is achieved by leveling up the Alola Grimer to level 38, according to Gearnuke.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" Global Missions Are Too Tricky For Players To Finish

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" have already proven its popularity among the fan.  However, its new Global Missions are reported to have been failures.

In "Pokemon Sun and Moon," the Global Missions are challenges that ask players to join together in order to accomplish a communal goal. Reports indicate that there have been two Global Missions before, in spite of the fact that the game has only been released in November last year, yet the two missions have reportedly been failures, Forbes  reported.

Learn how to evolve Alola Grimer in Pokemon Sun and Moon


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