Nintendo Switch Questions Answered & Unanswered

By Michael Augustin , Updated Jan 20, 2017 06:06 AM EST

Nintendo received a bunch of questions, which came right after their Nintendo Switch event. Some of the information that was confirmed says the gaming system will not support Netflix. The device is reportedly not supporting any other video streaming apps. It won't support video capture, but will have a Mii Maker app.

Kotaku asked if the game system will support backward compatibility, but the gaming company confirmed that it won't run games from older systems. They also added that the Switch is not compatible with other game controllers from their previous gaming consoles. However, they mentioned that support for some controllers might be revisited in a future update. The virtual console and digital purchases for older games was left unanswered as of the moment.

One of the nagging questions most users have was about the 32GB internal memory of the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo confirmed that the hybrid game console uses a portion of the internal storage for its system files and configuration. They claim that the storage space problem can be easily addressed through a microSD card expansion.

The gaming device apparently supports MicroSD cards with up to 2TB of space. The company claims that the console is prepared to support the cards once they hit the market. However, they confirmed that external hard drives are not currently, but might be changed in the future. Game downloads, updates and DLC can be directly stored on the microSD. Meanwhile, its game save data is stored in the internal memory.

According to the Japanese gaming company, the share button only takes screenshots as of now. Gamers will be able to edit and upload their captured photos on social media. They are also open to adding a video capture option in a future update.

There are still some questions, which were left unanswered by Nintendo. Gamespot reports that the Nintendo Switch does not elaborate about their Virtual Console service. The company has not yet given the price for their online service. The hybrid gaming system is set to launch on March 3 ,2017 with just a few titles in tow.

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