‘Prey’: Developer Arkane Austin Guarantees PC Version Will Have Successful Launch; Game Trailer Revealed

By Paige McClure , Updated Jan 20, 2017 08:45 PM EST

It has been reported that "Dishonored 2" was encountering problems with its PC version, and this has caused worry in the upcoming game "Prey". Now, developer Arkane Austin guarantees PC version will be flawless.

It has been reported that "Dishonored 2" did not have a successful PC launch. It was explained by Raphael Colantonio, creative director of Arkane Studios, that the PC version of any game has many configurations, in which PC problems are inevitable, GameSpot reports. With "Prey", fans will not have problems when they purchase the PC version.

Arkane Studios is now looking into the configuration so that when the game is ready for shipping, it will be flawless, giving the gamers an absolute gaming experience. "Prey" has the advantage now of escaping PC issues as it is now being developed with a more stable engine which should provide the PC version with a more stable foundation.

Furthermore, to really address the issues in PC, "Prey" will accommodate a special Q&A time to test performance and to identify issues that are not yet addressed. Arkane Studios is confident that "Prey" will be able to reach the market without issues.

Aside from addressing the PC issues, developer has announced the release of "Prey" trailer during the Game Awards 2016, GameRant reports. It is reported that the trailer goes back to 1958 recording where a group of Russians are fixing the satellite but are suddenly attacked by a black substance attached to the ship. The trailer does not stop there but fast-forwards to 20135 showing the Talos I Research Facility, where the game will begin.

"Prey" is set to released this year in PS4, PC and XBox Console. Stay tuned for more Gamenguide update.

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