'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Strongest 7th Gen Pokemon Revealed; Map Shows Rare Pokemon, Pokestops, Gyms In Birmingham

By Mia P. , Updated Jan 24, 2017 11:52 PM EST

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" creators have found the right mix to make the game addictive and interactive. In fact, reports suggest that the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" has been the most innovative game for the past two years.  Now, with almost two months since the release of the 7th  Generation Pokemon, players have the chance to get some must-have characters that have the power to dismantle enemies in an instant.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" Get Strongest 7th Gen Pokemon

The strongest 7th Gen Pokemon is said to be Toxapex, the poison-and-water type Pokemon that is not ideal to play with. The Pokemon got his name as the Brutal Star Pokemon  due to its poisonous attack, which is believed to be the deadliest, although his greatest attribute is its defense.

Pokemon Mimikyu is the most fascinating in the list of the 7th Gen, or even in the entire Pokemon game that uses power to distract enemies while keeping its real motive. Dhelmise, on the other hand, is a Pokemon that has several arsenal that can dismantle enemies quickly through its anchor attack.

The Alolan ninetails are reportedly deceiving and appears graceful, but too dangerous, noting its ability to Snowwarn and drop hail storm quickly. Another Pokemon named Lycanroc is also known as ghost since it can evade and act faster than the enemies, according to Video Games Republic.

Birmingham Map Shows Location Of Rare Pokemon, Pokestops And Gyms

"Pokemon" players have reportedly found a way to help other players that are having a hard time finding Pokemon that are not Drowzee, Rattata and Pidgey. According to reports, these players have been listing some rare Pokemon on the map, indicating where to locate them. The map also includes an incomplete list of gyms and Pokestops that can be used, Birmingham Mail reported.

Learn about the top 10 strongest 7th Gen Pokemon in the Pokemon Sun and Moon

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