Overwatch On Consoles To Receive New Features: Mei's Lunar New Year Skin Bug Reported

By Michael Augustin , Updated Jan 25, 2017 08:49 AM EST

Blizzard Entertainment continues to provide support its first multiplayer FPS "Overwatch." Their development team has been reportedly hard at work on their "Year of the Rooster" limited time event. Players are obviously excited about the new Chinese New Year skins for the entire roster, but it seems like there are more features on their way to better enhance gameplay.

Console players have continually expressed their opinion regarding the platform's lack of features compared the PC version. Issues like the missing player reporting system, additional voice commands, Symmetra and Torbjorn's lackluster turret damage, reports Game Rant. The publisher has acknowledged players concerns and confirmed that they are aiming to fix the problems soon.

Jeff Kaplan, "Overwatch" director, confirmed that home console platforms will receive a player reporting system. He cites that there are factors "beyond control" as well as "many moving parts" before the reporting feature can be updated into the game. Kaplan estimates that the feature will hit the console versions on or before Summer this year.

Players have reported that the turret damage from Torbjorn and Symmetra has been too low. They claim the problem started after the most recent update wherein the single-hero limit was applied to Competitive Play as well as Quick Play. The game director admits that upon their observation, the player usage of those two characters have dropped behind the PC version. Given their findings, Kaplan confirms that their team will work on possible balance changes in the future.

On another note, The "Overwatch" Lunar New Year event has been successfully patched on PC and consoles. Players can enjoy the new cosmetic changes and skins introduced by the newest update, but it seems some users have spotted some irregularities. Fans pointed out that Mei's new costume apparently makes her appear thinner. According to Kotaku, Blizzard has confirmed that her slimmer appearance is caused by a bug with the outfit's code. The development team claims the problem will be fixed in a future update patch.

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