Playstation Now Price Point: Possibly $5-$6 for PS3 Game Rentals

By Alex Riviello , Updated Mar 10, 2014 08:54 AM EDT

An image spotted on streaming content provider Gaikai's website seems to suggest that game rentals for the Playstation Now will be priced around $5- $6. As you can see the user interface shows Uncharted 3 priced at $4.99, Far Cry 3 at $5.99. The Last of Us is priced $49.99 for a full purchase, about what it goes for right now at retail.

VG27 spotted the priced on Gaikai's website. and while it's just a mock-up it was soon pulled from the site. It does seem like reasonable prices for the service, provided it works as intended, of course.

Playstation Now is of course the upcoming streaming service that Sony is bringing to PS4, Vita, mobile devices, and even its newer BRAVIA TVs. It's going to allow people to stream PS3 titles to any of those platforms right from the internet, essentially negating the need for backwards compatibility in any of its systems. There is no official word on what kind of plans will be offered; although this mock-up seems to suggest it will be a game by game basis, many gamers hoped for something like a Netflix Instant subscription service that allowed unlimited streaming of a huge games library for a monthly fee. 

But as far as these rentals go there's no reall details just what you'd get for your five bucks- how long the rental period would last, for example. It would offer the full game, one that didn't require any downloading or hard disc space. Sony sent out beta invites for Playstation Now in late January and is looking to get the service up an running by the end of the year in North America. The service will come to Europe in early 2015. 

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