‘Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic’ Mandalorian Wars Made Canon Again

By Kristine Garcia , Updated Jan 25, 2017 06:53 PM EST

Is there a chance that Disney will consider BioWare’s “Knights of the Old Republic” as true canon? The possibility may not be as far away as it seems, considering the latest news concerning the Star Wars universe.

Disney’s animated Star Wars series have had quite the success on their run, but have also been a building ground for lore, which is considered canon by both the company and the fans of the Star Wars franchise. That is why fans of both the series and videogames have been excited over the latest episode of the Star Wars animated series. Io9 shares that Sabine a hot headed Manadalorian has been trained to wield a Jedi lightsabre. When he gets his head too high in the skies, Kanan, the young Mandalorian’s instructor casually reminds that the Mandalorians lost the war with the Jedi. This is considered a wink towards BioWare’s Knights of the Old Republic, where the conflict between the Jedi, Mandalorians and the Republic is laid out.

Game Rant shares more detail on the story in “Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic”.
BioWare’s game follows a conflict between the Republic, the Jedi order and the Mandalorians.
The conflict quickly escalates into a full-on war, where the protagonist of SW: KOTOR 2 activates a weapon of mass destructions which mercilessly wipes out both Mandalorians and Jedi.
It is a Pyrrhic victory which leaves everyone involved with a bitter taste on their tongues.
Another notable event happening in the game is the rise of an iconic sith. Darth Revan has been an important part of SW:KOTOR and fans favorite since the game was released in the previous decade.


The Star Wars Wookieepedia shares more information on Darth Revan for those who are interested in learning about the character. He was a renowned Jedi, who studied under several different masters, he was a sith lord, who lead giant armies into battle. He was a republic commander and once again, a re-instated as a jedi, gaining the title of prodigal knight.
Is journey is one of much accomplishment and emotion and that is why fans of the SW:KOTOR universe are highly excited about the establishment of the Mandalorian wars as true canon.

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