Almost 6,000 Players Banned From ‘Pokemon Sun And Moon’ For Using Third Party Software

By Allan , Updated Jan 27, 2017 10:04 PM EST

“Pokemon Sun and Moon” has banned 5,954 players for using third party software to alter their saved game data. The banned players will no longer be able to participate in battle competitions and even global missions. More players are said to be banned for cheating in the future.

Gamerant reports that announcement has been made that informs players not to use third party programs that alter the data of the game. It is considered cheating and the company has already banned thousands of players who did it. Players who are banned will get an error code 090-0212 and will greatly limit their game experience permanently.

In an article from iDigitalTimes, it is mentioned that there are two reasons for a player to be banned from the game. One is by receiving an alleged hacked file from the Wonder Trade and the other is by deliberately using a third party program to alter their game data. Unfortunately, this also includes legit players who weren’t aware that they are violating rules can also be banned from the game so players are advised to be careful and take the time to read the manual of the game.

The report also mentioned that this campaign will happen on a regular basis to effectively ban all the players cheating in the game. The company also plans to implement more restrictions in the game to ensure that none of the players using altered game data to continue playing the game.

This isn’t the first time “Pokemon Sun and Moon” has banned players from the game due to cheating. Late last year it was reported that a number of people have gained access to the game illegally before it was even released were immediately banned. For that reasons, many of “Pokemon Sun and Moon” data has been leaked including new Pokemon, new features and many more.

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