Dark Souls 2 Gameplay: YouTuber Completes Boss in 10 Seconds, Dark Souls 2 for Casuals Confirmed!!!

By CJ Melendez , Updated Mar 11, 2014 08:46 AM EDT

Woah, dude. Not cool. I knew Namco Bandai would ruin Dark Souls 2 like this! This video by YouTuber SuperNormalMode proves that the genius and the majesty of Dark Souls has been tainted. Namco Bandai have watered down the True Difficulty of Dark Souls for the filthy casuals out there, and it's disgusting!

Not really, that's just a bit of satire. Lovely satire.

The video embedded below shows the Dark Souls 2 boss fight with a guy named Dragonrider. Set in a small room with a pitfall on all sides, SuperNormalMode manages to dodge an attack by Dragonrider (where's his dragon?), which prompts the boss to turn around and shuffle ever so slightly. This leads the boss to his death as he falls off the side of the platform where the two were set to battle. Dragonrider's death was swift, easy, and marked by the quick fade of combat music. I wouldn't worry about the game's difficulty, though; this instance seems like pure luck on SuperNormalMode's part.

We'll have our Dark Souls 2 review posted soon. In the mean time, I've found that replicating the difficulty of the game in real life can easily be done by buying a real suit of armor, going into an airport, and challenging the TSA to a friendly duel between champions. If you can last more than ten minutes, then you're victorious.

Don't actually do that.

Dark Souls 2 is available today on consoles and will be coming to PC on April 25. PC gamers will have to wait a whole month before playing the game, but hopefully this means that this PC port will run fluidly and hitch-free unlike the first Dark Souls, which had to be fixed by modder extraordinaire Durante. He not only fixed the resolution problems and framerate, he allowed for the game to look better than ever. Hopefully Dark Souls 2 on PC won't share those issues.

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