Introducing The 'Mass Effect: Andromeda' Crew

By Michael Augustin , Updated Feb 01, 2017 10:14 AM EST

Bioware's "Mass Effect: Andromeda" appears to be taking a big risk with its decision to abandon its predecessor's established cast and lore. The newest installment introduces longtime fans of the space RPG franchise to new faces and a new story. Players can obviously choose from the Ryder twins Scott and Sara, which are all still available for customization. The most current information about the game introduces various characters and a little of their backstory.

The Ryder twins

Players will be given the option to play as either of the two siblings. Scott Ryder is reportedly from the Alliance military, while Sara stayed behind in the Milky Way to study about the Protheans. Gamers can apparently change their background stories at the start of the game. One of the twins will sometimes show up in some key story points in the game, says Eurogamer.


In some of the "Mass Effect: Andromeda" trailers, an Asari character was regularly shown as part of the group. She is known as PeeBee, which is apparently just a nickname according to Bioware. The publisher describes her as a fast-talking and independent character that likes to travel alone.

Liam Kosta

Liam is a human crew member of your team his background indicates that he started out as an engineer and then became a police officer. He acts as the security specialist of the crew and reportedly has a youthful and ready-to-go attitude.


She is a female Turian, which was something the publisher recently showcased in the Omega DLC for "Mass Effect 3." Her motivations and backstory still remains a mystery, but she is already part of the crew during the lead's encounter with Sloane Kelly.

Cora Harper

Cora is another human squad member, which was revealed on the latest trailer as one of the probable romance options for the main character. She is a biotic and strangely shares the same surname as the Illusive Man. Additionally, Gamespot claims that she previously worked alongside an Asari tactical team.


The character is part of a new race called Angara and a native of the Helius Cluster in Andromeda." The publisher hinted at a new squad member hailing from Andromeda, which makes it safe to speculate that he will be part of the crew eventually.


The Krogan is your team's main muscle. Apparently some fans have started calling him Drake as a nickname and was shown together with Sara Ryder in one of the game's earlier trailer.

The crew of the Tempest

The last remaining characters that join the protagonist's journey are Kallo Jath who is the ship's pilot and is a Salarian, Alec Ryder, the lead characters' father and SAM the ships onboard AI. Mass Effect Andromeda is coming out for the PC, Xbox One and PS4. Bioware confirms that the sci-fi RPG is officially launching on March 23,2017.

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