Bioware Hints At New IP Scheduled For Q1 2018

By Michael Augustin , Updated Feb 02, 2017 06:03 PM EST

Electronic Arts reportedly held an earnings call just recently, and confirmed that BioWare has two titles with projected release dates. Obviously, March 21 will see the release of their space RPG "Mass Effect: Andromeda." Meanwhile, the company hinted at a new yet-to-be-announced IP that has reportedly been in development for the last few years. The upcoming game is described to be unique action-oriented title with fresh gameplay mechanics.

The mysterious new game is apparently slated for a Q1 2018 release date. Game Rant notes that after the conference call with some of the company's executives, Aaryn Flynn, a manager from the development team, confirmed that the upcoming game started development back in 2012. He described the new title as "something fun and new for you to enjoy with your friends."

In 2012, BioWare started working on "a new universe full of new characters, stories, and gameplay." He indicated that they are getting their inspiration from more than 20 years of "development knowledge." On the other hand, Electronics Arts is reportedly looking forward to the new IP's promised direction. It appears that both company and developer are excited about its fruition. The video game company stated that the new game will be "a clean-sheet design." Additionally, it was also hinted that new game will have multiplayer elements featured.

In 2014, the developer apparently released a concept reel showcasing the development of "Mass Effect: Andromeda." The film flaunted various space suits, environments and some developer comments about what they find exciting about the latest entry into the space RPG series. According to Forbes, speculations claim that the upcoming title will be similar to games like "Destiny" or "The Division," which centers on multiplayer and loot with RPG elements.

BioWare has been following a process, wherein they hold off any relevant information about a game, unless the title approaches its projected launch date. Just like "Mass Effect: Andromeda," the developer might release more information about their new IP once it draws closer to the intended release date. Consumers apparently expect Electronic Arts make an announcement before the year ends.

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