‘Horizon: Zero Dawn’ What To Expect Of The Game?

By Kristine Garcia , Updated Feb 07, 2017 05:02 PM EST

“Horizon: Zero Dawn” is Guerrilla Games’ new project and for the moment, it is looking quite good. Just weeks before its release it has gone gold three times and if that is not a measure of success, then maybe the newest announcements will be.

Game Rant shares a video released by Guerrilla Games in which their newest creation “Horizon: Zero Dawn” is released. The video offers an introduction to the nature of the game. The game offers large landscapes all of which are accessible, considering that the game is an open-world FPS. That which separates it from other titles on the market is the personal touch of Guerrilla Games who offer features implemented in the game, which is unique even to the open-world genre. In its basis, the game is still an FPS and this offers a lot of unexplored possibilities, but those who feel more comfortable with third person camera should not falter, as it will be accessible in the game.

Game Spot shares more information on the gameplay offered in “Horizon: Zero Dawn”. Guerrilla Games are popular for their “Killzone” title and a lot of it will be transferred into the soon to be released game. One of these mechanics will be the vulnerability which enemies will possess. Certain parts of their body will deliver additional damage upon being attacked as, also, players will be able to remove armor pieces off of their enemies through a continuous fire at certain points. This will bring a strategic element to the game, which is often ignored in other FPS titles, that focus more on quantity of bullets to a quality of shots.

What is there to look forward to? The official Playstation page of the game shows that there is a lot to expect of the title. Placed in an era, where humanity has descended into ancient times and nature has its will with the planet, players will be forced to learn, survive and evolve in order to reveal all the secrets hiding in this futuristic setting. The mystery of the ancient ones and their civilization is one to take prior place in this world. Pick up Aloy’s bow and journey into the wild in search of the truth and secrets long lost. “Horizon: Zero Dawn” will be released exclusively for PS4 on February 28.


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