‘FIFA 18’ For Nintendo Switch; EA Reveal Official Game Title & Hints Release In Time For FIFA 18

By Danny Smith , Updated Feb 08, 2017 10:29 PM EST

Nintendo's FIFA game will be called "FIFA 18". Electronic Arts Executive Peter Moore confirms the title of Nintendo's FIFA game in an interview saying that the game will be launched in time for FIFA 18 this year.

Giving the title "FIFA 18" to its Nintendo game is not a complete surprise, but Polygon says that the game title is something to take note. This is the very first time EA Games referred to its Switch game with its title.

For the past month following its confirmation, EA has been referring to its Switch games as "EA Sports FIFA on Nintendo Switch". The temporary title created many speculations among anticipating fans about the game's nature and features.

When asked to describe what "FIFA 18"would be like, game makers said that the Switch version of its FIFA game has been custom built to compliment Nintendo's new console says Daily Star.

Many expect that "FIFA 18" will be taking full advantage of the hardware features of Nintendo's new Switch console. And giving the game its "FIFA 18" title against many other suggested names, gamers assume that EA is about to offer a full version of the game with real-life simulations.

Moore teased fans with bits of information about EA's "FIFA 18". It is known to the public that EA has practiced hiring third-party studios to make off-brand titles. But "FIFA 18" for Switch will be developed in-house in Vancouver. Notably, the place also happens to be the origin of the FIFA series.

Rumors claim "FIFA 18" for Nintendo Switch will run on latest generation technology but EA executive Moore has indirectly denied it in his interview. Apart from "FIFA 18", the game giant EA has been silent about making commitments to produce other sports games for the Switch console. But executive VP Patrick Söderlund says EA will be there when Nintendo Switch takes off.

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