‘FIFA 18’: The Confirmed FIFA Game For Nintendo Switch

By Danny Smith , Updated Feb 09, 2017 08:45 PM EST

EA executive Pete Moore confirmed that FIFA will be coming to Nintendo Switch this year. It will be "FIFA 18", a custom-built version for the Nintendo Switch from the FIFA development team in Vancouver. It has no exact launch date yet, but it will obviously be coming out later this year.

Switch's unique hardware capabilities are where the game will take its advantage, according to Polygon. Nintendo's new platform will truly fit for the Switch version of "FIFA 18" because the game was custom-built for the console. Providing more clarity on the Switch version, other bits of information were added by Moore. He said that the development of the game will take place at the home of the FIFA series, EA Vancouver. In order for EA to make make the aforementioned off-brand title, they often hired third-party studios.

According to Gamespot, it's not clear if this Switch version will be based on the PS3/Xbox 360 versions or to the PS4/Xbox One versions, as previously rumored. The game features new characters and new storylines, that brings the players back from The Journey with Season 2. As introduced in FIFA 17, The Journey was a story-driven adventure that sees you follow Alex Hunter, a young footballer. Appearances from real-life players and managers, cutscenes, and dedicated characters were featured in The Journey. "FIFA 18" will build on the foundation we've created with story mode this year, as recently said by Andrew Wilson, the EA CEO.

Beyond FIFA, it is pointed out that EA on making any other sports game for the Switch has not committed. It was then recalled that EA never released another sports title on the console since 2012 where FIFA and Madden were Wii U's launch titles. Recently, CEO Andrew Wilson said that sports gamers weren't there, referring to Wii U. It remains puzzled whether they'll show up on the Switch, regarding of what the CEO Andrew Wilson said about the console.

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