'Overwatch': Bastion & Mercy Adjustments In Latest PTR Update

By Michael Augustin , Updated Feb 10, 2017 10:40 AM EST

Blizzard Entertainment has been reportedly throwing a lot of gameplay updates for its well-received team-based shooter "Overwatch." The game currently has over 25 million registered players, which will obviously continue to get bigger. The games latest PTR (Public Test Region) update has included the announced changes for Mercy and Bastion. Other reports also claim that the latest patch also includes a couple of bonus surprises.

It was previously teased by the shooter's principal designer Geoff Goodman, that the game's bird-loving robot is due for an adjustment. These tweaks are reportedly intended to make the character survivable in solo engagements with the enemy. According to a report from Game Rant, the latest patch apparently reduces the character's Sentry mode transformation time by half a second, magazine size up to 100 rounds and increased bullet spread. His Recon mode gets a 5-round increase for each magazine with a decreased bullet spread.

Bastion can also move around while using his self-repair ability, but it is no longer unlimited and uses a rechargeable resource meter. The character is also reportedly getting a passive skill called Ironclad, which reduces all damage by 35% when he is in Tank or Sentry mode. Meanwhile, Mercy has also received a very useful upgrade, which greatly improves her ultimate skill. The latest PTR patch update now makes her invincible during her resurrection animation.

Her ultimate was supposedly considered by most players as very powerful, but she usually ends up dying while trying to revive teammates. Therefore, the latest buff will keep her healing and in supporting her teammates right after they are resurrected. On another note, Gamespot claims D.Va's Defense Matrix was improved in order to block certain attacks even in close quarters.

The latest "Overwatch" PTR patch does not only focus on buffs for Bastion, Mercy, and D.Va, but also fixes a bug with the Eichenwalde map, where one gate reportedly closes once the payload has gone through. Blizzard Entertainment also patched in the Server Browser and Capture the Flag. The complete patch notes are available on the game's official website.

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