Xbox Boss Talks New IP, First Party Games, & Project Scorpio Performance

By Kristine Garcia , Updated Feb 10, 2017 10:46 AM EST

Project Scorpio has been kept well under sheets, but now, XBOX director Phil Spencer shares details on Microsoft's improvement of the XBOX One technology. What new is coming to the popular console?

In an interview shared by Game Rant, XBOX director Phil Spencer shares details on the Scorpio Project. Scorpio was created as an answer to PS 4’s Pro version which allowed for higher frame rates, full HD play and higher stability in general. The Scorpio, as shared by Phil Spencer, is the most powerful console to have been created yet. He is satisfied with the way native XBOX titles work on the console and promises that a full 4K resolution support is achievable with the Scorpio. This is great news coming to gamers, as low resolution and low framerates have been a problem which has plagued consoles since the appearance of the latest generation.

MobiPicker shares that for the Project Scorpio to be a success it must have a new, strong, exclusive IP, which will attract players to the console, otherwise it will surely meet a fast end. Good news for fans of XBOX and Project Scorpio is that Phil Spencer has announced that a new IP is coming to the Scorpio. No information has been shared on the title, but since Scalebound was trashed, there are no known competitors for the spot. One of the expectations is that the MMO “Sea of Thieves” will be implemented on the console, but since it is available in other mediums too, this is not the title in which people should put their trust, especially not the people behind Project Scorpio.

On another note, Phil Spencer commented on Blizzard’s statement about mouse and keyboard support on consoles. Blizzard has claimed that the mouse and keyboard offer a higher accuracy and better reactions, giving players higher success rates than the ones who do not use them. The statement made is that keyboard and mouse should either be completely banned from their game “Overwatch” or they should be allowed on all consoles that run the title. The answer given by Spencer was that he confirms the advantage which keyboard and mouse give to their users and leaves the decision in the hands of game developers, as they are the ones directly affected by it. Project Scorpio will be released later in 2017.

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