‘Horizon: Zero Dawn’ Full World Map Now Available; Playable Only On PS4

By Paige McClure , Updated Feb 14, 2017 08:56 AM EST

Fans are now closer to seeing the complete gameplay of "Horizon: Zero Dawn" as it is deemed to be released this month. Now, new reports have claimed that the game's developer, Guerrilla Games, has recently revealed the full map, illustrating a vast horizon of landscapes that players will truly enjoy.

 According to Game Rant, the full map of "Horizon: Zero Dawn" contains versatile landscapes, surrounded by mountainous regions, lush forestry, snowy plains and desert areas. Furthermore, the map also contains several colors including yellow, green blue and red which may be indicative of regions belonging to tribes and culture.

Guerrilla Games has successfully developed "Horizon: Zero Dawn" with imaginative setting, making the players want to explore the map with enthusiasm. Without a doubt, the map's release will attract players to explore the game's major regions, Mother's Heart, Meridian, and Sunfall. In a previous report by Gamenguide, the main character, Aloy, is set to destroy robots who have overtaken the world. "Horizon: Zero Dawn" is set 1,000 years into the future, where humans have no power over their lands.

Aloy travels to the future to find her mother, and come to face with the robotic beings. As a hunter, Aloy will have to use that skill to defeat her mechanical enemies. The map will definitely give players with the advantage of studying the possible gameplay and routes of "Horizon: Zero Dawn".

Players who manuever Aloy will make use of Aloy's archery skills, however the players will be offered several weapons too. "Horizon: Zero Dawn" will be released this February 28, for PlayStation 4. Stay tuned for more Gameguide update.

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