'Overwatch': No More Lowered Skill Rating Scheme

By Ben Lindon , Updated Feb 15, 2017 03:23 AM EST

The "Overwatch" developers have taken notice of Overwatch players that intentionally aim to lose in order to lower their skill rating. The "Overwatch" developers are said to be working on a fix to immediately detect "Overwatch" players that use this scheme. In the meantime, "Overwatch" players may now use "World of Warcraft" Gold for the game.

Players Complain Against One Another

Several "Overwatch" players are said to be getting annoyed by teams with players that are intentionally trying to tank their account. Note that this set-up may also bring down with them other "Overwatch" players trying to achieve a new rank. The whole team may lose the game and the team member will lose their rank.

However, "Overwatch" players have noted that these players trying to lose their rank do not suffer the quitter's penalty. Apparently, these "Overwatch" players intentionally derank line in order to get themselves away from a higher skill. The players may get their high badge and lose the rest so they can play with the weaker players.

The "Overwatch" Game Director Jeff Kaplan revealed that the developers have noticed these players and are working on a fix to detect these players immediately and be able to take action. In the meantime, "Overwatch" players work hand in hand to report these fellow players. Note that "Overwatch" currently has a reporting system of Griefing or Inactivity, TechnoBuffalo reported.

Convert WoW Gold Into Overwatch Currency

In other news, the "World of Warcraft" developers previously added the Token Item for players to purchase in-game gold with real money. Now, "World of Warcraft" gold may be converted into the Battle.net wallet. This money may then be used on several Blizzard products like "Overwatch" loot boxes.

"Overwatch" players may purchase tokens for Battle.net funds using "World of Warcraft" gold. Currently, each Token costs 63, 647 gold in North America and double the cost in Europe, Gamespot reported. Note that each token may also be bought with real money for $20 each.

Watch How to Convert WoW Gold for Overwatch here:

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