‘For Honor’ Open Beta Free Trail Thrills Over 3 Million Players; Ubisoft Reveals Official Release Time

By Danny Smith , Updated Feb 14, 2017 09:05 PM EST

"For Honor" proves nationwide popularity as Ubisoft's free trial event comes to its conclusion. The 4-day event which lasted from February 9 to 12 gathered more than three million participants. While the turn-out is only near record breaking, the event proves that there is a significant number of gamers interested to play the game.

Express Co reports that the recently concluded "For Honor" open beta proved that the game has garnered extreme popularity worldwide. Ubisoft announces the event drew more than three million participants in the 4-day event. With the positive turn-out of the game's free trial event, game developers are positive that the game's full launch will be a huge success.

Game N Guide featured the "For Honor" free trial event. Players were thrilled as Ubisoft released the game's beta files on top of the announcement that the files can be pre-loaded before the actual event. The game's beta files required 27GB of memory so the pre-loading option was a huge relief.

Ubisoft follows through the successful open beta free trial event with the release of the full version "For Honor" game. Along with a wide array of multiplayer modes, gamers can also enjoy a full-fledged single-player campaign that comes with a support.

Gamers should bear in mind that regardless of the mode, "For Honor" requires online support all the time. However, one sad news for gamers came via Twitter. Ubisoft tweets that any progress made during the open beta free trial event will be completely wiped out and not carried into the game's final release.

The PlayStation Store page reports that the "For Honor" PS4 version will require 30.5GB memory. Despite the wipe-out, Ubisoft is positive that gamers who got to try the game during its open beta free trial would be encouraged to pursue the game's full version and hopefully, recommend the same.

"For Honor" full version will be released on February 14th for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Enjoy the full experience and tell us about it below.

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