PS4 Pro Boost Mode: Performance Improvement Information

By Doods , Updated Feb 15, 2017 04:01 AM EST

PS4 Pro owners have obviously heard about the upcoming update for the system. The PS4 Pro Boost Mode is reportedly coming to Sony's top-shelf PS4 model and is expected to increase the console's overall performance. Unlike some games that have received an upgrade patch for compatibility with the Pro, the incoming feature will be available for all games released for the PS4 platform.

A video shared by Digital Foundry reportedly shares the results of the new feature when it was tested on different games. It is important to note that the new mode's performance varies depending on each of the tested software. However, it appears to deliver what it was programmed to do for most games, which is the noticeable frame rate improvement, reports Game Rant.

The PS4 Pro Boost Mode was tested on several games that were noted to have some frame rate issues or others. "Bloodborne" was reported to have very little improvements when the new feature was activated. Its long load times and some frame anomalies remain the same, but its frame rate was reportedly kept at a consistent 30 FPS unlike its base mode.

"Dark Souls 3" and "Dark Souls 2" were also tested on the latest update, which reportedly offered a bit of frame rate improvement for the third installment. However, they were able to flag a huge improvement for the second game, which apparently ran consistently on 60 FPS. The puzzle game "Oddworld New 'n' Tasty" notably received a 10 FPS improvement with the tweak activated.

According to Eurogamer, The PS4 Pro Boost Mode is capable of improving the performance of some games that are not optimized for the Pro. They noted that it mainly focuses on getting those titles close to their target frame rates. Moreover, games with unlocked frame rates are expected to get a noticeable change over their base mode.

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