'Dota 2' Patch 7.00 Features New Hero Ability; 7.02 Rolls Out Too With Changes To Sentry Wards Purchase

By Ben Lindon , Updated Feb 15, 2017 05:38 PM EST

"Dota 2" recently added certain abilities to the game's heroes. Among the changes included in the 7.00 patch is the new Talent Trees.

"Dota 2" Hero's New Ability Deals With Huge Damage

"Dota 2" meme indicates "1 dagger and im die". Based on reports, this means that the new ability deals with a massive damage that can kill unsuspecting enemies easily even from afar. However,  "Dota 2's" recent overhaul has made it possible for the hero to reflect double damage that will fully reverse the result.

Meantime, every "Dota 2" hero had several abilities as well as  three separate stats prior to the update, with every new level awarding one point to the player that will be dumped into an ability or one of the stats. Although the new patch did not modify any of that, it is reported to include a new level of customization that allows players to pick between one of the two buffs once a specific level is reached.

"Dota 2" 7.02 patch, meanwhile, was revealed last week and is expected to keep on improving around what has been known as "Dota 3." In fact, some reports suggest that the patch modified a number of Nyx Assassin's talent tree trade-offs for early levels, while leaving the 200 percent Spiked Carapace kicker the same, Kotaku reported.

"Dota 2" Update 7.02 Brings Changes To Several Items

The new "Dota 2" update 7.02 has been rolled out recently, bringing changes to several items including the ability to purchase Sentry Wards in packs of 1 for 100 gold. A number of battle-aiding items have been reported to receive adjustments as well.

"Dota 2" Battle Fury is also confirmed to have been buffed through the update, while its distance and radius being increased. According to reports, the change is expected to make the item even more effective in the game, given that it may now deal damage to more enemies during clashes, WWG reported. Learn more about "Dota 2" New 7.02 Patch - Main Changes here:


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