'FTL' Developer Announces New Game 'Into The Beach'; 'FTL' Drops Price At $2.99

By Ben Lindon , Updated Feb 15, 2017 05:39 PM EST

"FTL" developer has officially confirmed its new game. The turn-based strategy game titled "Into the Beach" is the much-awaited title from Subset Games, who also happens to be the developer of the popular space rogue-like game "FTL: Faster Than Light."

"Into the Beach" Features Randomly Generated Component Like "FTL"

According to the "FTL" developer, the players of the new title "Into the Beach" need to control the powerful mechs from the future in order to hold off the alien threat against the remnants of the human civilization. In addition, every attempt to rescue the world provides a new randomly generated challenge in this new game.

"FTL" makers have also released a trailer that offers a glimpse of what to expect from the new game. Based on this video, the key seems to be the positioning, which means certain attacks could penetrate the targets, while others will enable the players to bash the enemies into the adjacent mountains.

Another significant component described in the notes released by the "FTL" developers is the protection of the buildings. According to the notes, this will power the player's mechs, and the destruction may result in failure. However, the players may send help back through time in order to save another timeline when defeated, GameSpot reported.

"FTL" Offers Lowest Price Cut Since 2014

"FTL", the intense strategy game that brought its different style of rogue-like battles and crew management to iPad two years ago will be up for sale for only $2.99 this weekend. Based on previous reviews, "FTL" is an incredibly rich and challenging sci-fi experience that mixes resource and power management, the player's chosen events and tense battles into a complicated game of moment-to-moment tactics, Pocket Gamer reported. Watch "FTL: Faster Than Light"  Episode 1 here:


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