Limited ‘Splatoon 2’ Demo Will Be Available On Nintendo Switch In Late March

By Kristine Garcia , Updated Feb 15, 2017 06:01 PM EST

“Splatoon” was a breath of fresh air in the deathmatch oriented third person market which is filled with a multitude of low quality products, most of which barely recognizable from one another. Soon “Splatoon 2” will be released and there are series of surprises coming with it.

Kotaku shares that “Splatoon 2” will soon be released. As a chance to experience the game and its new features, Nintendo “Swtich” users will be given access to a time limited demo, in the dates between March 24 – 26, 2017. The demo will allow players to try out the second installment of the successful paintsplash series, granting access to new weapons like the “Splat Dualies” and remade version of the popular “Splat Roller” and “Splat Charger”. This is good news for the Nintendo “Switch” owners, because the console lacks strong titles in its catalogue, excluding “Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” and the growing in popularity “ARMS”.

There is a lot of excitement for the coming new “Splatoon” game. All over the internet from YouTube, through GameSpot, Eurogamer and so on, people are sharing their lack of patience towards the release of the new product and different theories on how exactly the changes will affect the game. Sadly, when it comes to Nintendo’s new console “Switch” and their decision to once again implement a timed demo, things are on the opposite end. The comment section of this IGN article is a good example of the reaction of the gaming community towards the announcement.

As some are interested in how the game will play out, there is high voice against Nintendo’s politics when it comes to titles and services. Back in the days of the Wii U, timed demos were considered a dark practice and such has the opinion remained with the “Switch”. Large portion of the fan society is afraid that Nintendo will perform the same mistakes it did four years ago with the Wii U and there will be another long and painful cycle of waiting for improvements that never come. Even though, the timed demo of “Splatoon 2” has been considered a stress test for the servers, comparing preparations to demand, fans still feel betrayed for being limited in exploring a demonstrational version of a soon to be released game, especially if it is one of the titles on which Nintendo depends to start “Switch” sales with good numbers.

To end the article on good terms, En Gadget shares one of the best innovations coming with “Splatoon 2”. Even though it does not offer much when it comes to graphical improvements, it gives higher framerate stability, additional weapons, improvements on familiar weapons and best of all, local co-op. This means that two “Switch” users will be able to play against each-other in a full on local battle.

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