For Its Three Year Anniversary, Twitch Plays Pokémon Gets Its Most Ridiculous Game Yet

By Kristine Garcia , Updated Feb 15, 2017 06:06 PM EST

Twitch Plays is an event, in which viewers of the stream can join in on the fun of playing. All they have to do is write commands in the chat box, the most popular choice gets executed. Twitch Plays has seen a lot of games and titles pass through its pixels, even the infamous “Dark Souls”, but nothing is as spectacular as Twitch Plays Pokemon.

Kotaku shares that for its three year anniversary, Twitch Plays Pokemon had prepared an amazing show. The game of choice is a modded version of the Pokemon Yellow title, where the player is not being followed by a Pickachu, but by a Chatot.  Chatot has a special move named Chatter and much like a four year old child, it repeats everything it can get its mind on. It reads the messages in the chatbox and together with strings from the game itself it produces some amazing content. Everything can be heard from it, random quotes, song lyrics, even and the more inappropriate things that find their way through the chatbox, it learns and it repeats.

A Reddit document on the story of dungeons gives thorough explanation of most of the fads which have taken Twitch Plays Pokemon through the past. Among them are Doritos Dungeons, Minerals Sales and our friendly pokemon Chatot. The concept of Chatot originates from the other end of the deal, the people who spam massages, but the ones irritated by the spam. It was common to say that Twitch chat is like a parrot, it repeats everything it sees in the chat box, but to give a more Pokemon turn to things, parrot was later replaced by Chatot. That is how the name and being of Chatot came to be.

Dorkly has shared ”The Complete Guide to Twitch Plays Pokemon”. Within its pages one will become familiar with what Twitch Play Pokemon is, its story and the great amount of creativity flowing through the brains of people who played the game. Everything from Pokemon names, memes and the whole narrative of the story are a testament to the great power of humor against a 400 hour playthrough of the original Pokemon Red. Twitch Plays Pokemon is still active on Twitch.

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