‘Pokemon Sun and Moon’ Gives Away Silver Caps At GameStop; Some Players Disappointed?

By Danny Smith , Updated Feb 15, 2017 06:26 PM EST

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" special item available today! Nintendo launches special single silver bottle caps which players can pick-up whenever they visit a GameStop. However, gamers who have been playing the game for quite some time, seems to be a little disappointed with Nintendo's latest giveaway which is made available until March 5.

Nintendo prepared a special item for Pokemon players. According to Polygon, by visiting the Pokemon GameStop, players can pick up the special single silver bottle caps. While lots of players hurried to grab the special item, some gamers who happen to play the game for a long time now, say that Nintendo's current giveaway is disappointing.

The special single silver bottle caps are used for Hyper Training. This new feature grants players the opportunity to boost and with extra efforts, maximize Pokemon value statistics and IVs. This means that players who can collect a stash of bottle caps can boost the power of the Pokemons in their line-up.

The bottle caps which comes in silver and the much rarer gold variety cannot be easily found says WWG. Such bottle caps can only be obtained by specific means. Hence, many players still find Nintendo's special treat exciting and agree that the GameStop promotion idea is a good one.

Normally, gamers who wish to collect bottle caps need to use the Festival Plaza and Poké Pelago modes. Fishing around for bottle caps also work. But all of these means take so much time. But nothing can stop die-hard fans from getting what they want. Shortly after its launch in November, a guide to farming ample silver bottle caps had been developed.

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