'Half-Life 3': Gabe Newell Admits Valve Employees Teasing Fans

By Michael Augustin , Updated Feb 17, 2017 04:18 AM EST

Fans of Valve's "Half-Life" series have been obviously waiting for any news about the Half-Life 3 for how many years already. Although it has been hinted that the game might never be developed anytime soon, but there are still fans who reportedly go as far as checking any photos of the developer's offices for some hint of the game's development. As it turns out, Gabe Newell apparently has some information about the supposed leaks recently found.

The company's head honcho explains that most of the reportedly leaked evidence over the past decade were nothing but pranks. He notes that there are some employees who apparently love teasing fans about the elusive FPS sequel. According to Venture Beat, Newell added that there are times when they intentionally left some files that appear to be related to the game, while some tricks involved hiding some icons of the alleged game in company-related photos.

Gabe Newell went into more detail to describe that over the years Valve employees have gone out of their way to continue tricking fans. "Some of the more childish members of our company have worn 'Half-Life 3' T-shirts to GDC," which obviously further causes a stir among fans still waiting for the game to come out, he added. It is quite obvious that some fans will be troubled by these revelations, but there are some who might consider the humor in everything.

Many reports have already hinted that most fans are already over their obsession about the game. These gamers are apparently no longer triggered into frenzy when supposed news about its development start to spread. It also appears that some fans also enjoy teasing gamers about the game. Game Rant reports that a company made a poster showcasing the game during last year's "Gamescom" event, which obviously led people to believe that it would be officially revealed there.

It is very important for fans to never take any reports about "Half-Life 3" seriously anytime soon. Gabe Newell has already indicated that it might just be another joke made by a worker from Valve. It appears Gordon Freeman is officially out of action until Newell makes an official announcement about it.

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