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By Danny Smith , Updated Feb 19, 2017 01:23 AM EST
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Ubisoft releases their action fighting game "For Honor" worldwide last February 14, 2017 featuring the rivalry of the warriors coming from the three different factions. "For Honor" shows a heartless bloody fighting between the Knights, Samurai and Vikings for their land and honor.

According to PCWorld, Ubisoft reflects the game "For Honor" as a multiplayer-centric, despite the fact that it is comprehending a full-length single-player campaign. "For Honor" is still defined as a multiplayer-centric even though it does not cater a lot of reviewers during their weekend open beta.

"For Honor" seems solid as far as local performance is concerned, as it was tested in a system with an Intel Core i7-5820K and a GeForce GTX 980 Ti. With all the settings maxed out, players will naturally be seeing frame rates between 80fps and 100fps, running at 1080p. Even with a huge crowd of soldiers battling it out on-screen, players won't notice any impulsive frame rate drops.

"For Honor" looks gorgeous aside from some obstinate face animations. And if you are using a compatible graphics card, "For Honor" supports Nvidia's Ansel supercharged screenshot technology. A few shutters may be observed here and there, as an effect of new areas loading in, but it hasn't affected any fights.

"For Honor" interprets into a system the continuous stream of adopted kill-or-be-killed information, according to IGN. Flashes before the players' eyes are the thousands of apparently irrelevant technique and understandings that the heroes have learned to lead victory or a bloody defeat. Without spending a lifetime of training, the players feel like they're the master of their own style.

Depending on peer-to-peer connections as an alternative for dedicated servers, is what players are worried about the game. "For Honor" which has a complicated sword-and-board fighting game that depends on split-second reactions, using P2P seems like a huge mistake. If you are into this game, share your thoughts below.

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