Nintendo NES Classic Shortage May Be Intentional, Critics Say

By Ben Lindon , Updated Feb 17, 2017 08:39 AM EST

The Nintendo NES Classic has created a buzz long before it began selling in online retail stores and on shelves. However, it should be noted that numerous disgruntled customers are still unappeased because of the consistent lack of supply for the Nintendo NES Classic anywhere. However, Nintendo reassured consumers that the Nintendo NES Classic they ordered will be delivered to them.

Nintendo Fails To Deliver Enough, Twice In a Row

It should be noted that about a decade ago, Nintendo also had problems supplying the Wii console to consumers at launch. It was not until two years later that the Wii, still having a great demand, was properly supplied to consumers. Apparently, Nintendo did it again with the Nintendo NES Classic Edition that still has not met the demands of gamers even months after the release.

Hence, critics have begun to accuse Nintendo of mismanagement, Screen Critics reported. In addition, miscommunication still persists and rumor has it that the lack of supply for the Nintendo NES Classic was really intentional. It should be noted that the supply for Hatchimals toys was also intentionally constrained during the holiday season. Note that to this day, Nintendo still exists as a toy company.

Nintendo Representative Assures NES Mini Production Continues

Meanwhile, Nintendo is slated to release another new console soon which is expected to be a hybrid of a handheld and home console, the Nintendo Switch. Rumors have been circulating that Nintendo already ceased production of the Nintendo NES Mini production to focus on the new console. It is expected that Nintendo will be able to meet the demand of the forthcoming console.

The Nintendo NES Classic discontinuation reports started from a NeoGaf post that cited a Nordic distributor Bergsala noting that Nintendo will already send out the final shipments of the Nintendo NES Classic in the spring. Hence, several outstanding orders may be unfulfilled. However a Nintendo UK representative confirmed that production for the console persists and shipping units will continue on a regular basis, Tech Radar reported.

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